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Need Help with your Contracts? Sign-Up for these Seminars Today!

In addition to her legal practice, Leslie presents seminars throughout the country to sales, marketing, and purchasing professionals on Business and Contract Law. Leslie developed and publicly presents the following seminars.



Tuesday, January 27, “Legal Aspects of Purchasing”  Long Beach, CA

Wednesday, January 28th,  Contracts: Reading, Writing & Negotiating,  Long Beach, CA

Wednesday, April 22, Ink the Deal: Negotiating your Customer Contracts, Long Beach, CA

To register: http://marell-lawfirm.com/contract-seminars/

In these seminars, Leslie will cover a wide variety of topics including defining key contractual terms and examples of their real world application, UCC terms, fighting the “battle of the forms,” and many other topics. All participants will receive a comprehensive manual (over 150 pages) which includes clear explanations of the areas and issues discussed in the seminar as well as sample clauses, contracts, and letters. She provides “hands on” experience in how to review, negotiate and write a contract.


Wednesday, March 25th, Software Licensing: For the Business Professional, San Jose, CA

To register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/software-licensing-for-the-business-professional-tickets-15021066414

Software licensing transactions are more complex and more important than ever. The constantly evolving legal, regulatory and technical landscape drives the need to stay current in a wide variety of key areas. The ability to structure, draft and negotiate complex software license agreements is critical to a successful transaction. This seminar is designed to address the important legal and practical issues that arise in drafting and negotiating software licenses.

Leslie S. Marell has been practicing business and commercial law for over 25 years. She is established in private practice and has extensive legal experience counseling companies in the areas of business contracts and transactions, purchasing, sales, marketing, computer and technology law, employment law and day to day legal matters. Let us provide your company the advice and guidance you need. CALL TO REGISTER FOR A SEMINAR TODAY!


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Benefits of Attending a Leslie S. Marell Contracting Seminar

If you work with contracts, and are looking for a more in-depth understanding of terms and conditions, a contracting seminar with Leslie S. Marell can help you do your job better, and protect your company’s interests around the globe.  Leslie S. Marell is well-known as a highly entertaining, funny, and energetic speaker, and is ready to share the wisdom and lessons she has learned in more than 25 years of practicing contract law.

Leslie has presented her popular contracts seminars to thousands of businesspeople everywhere from startups and family businesses to Fortune 100 companies.  Leslie demystifies contracts for non-lawyers, and answers your questions in plain English, without the legalese.  If you’ve ever wondered what ‘time is of the essence’ really means, or how to avoid paying ‘consequential damages,’ without being put to sleep, this is your chance.

In addition to an entertaining and engaging presentation, Leslie gives attendees the most comprehensive manual available in the industry, with lots of templates for corporate supply agreements, vendor managed inventory, and examples of services agreements, as well as checklists and clauses, and sample responses to typical contract objections.

Leslie’s workshops give attendees:

  • Approaches to working with your in-house legal department or attorney to review contracts faster.
  • Advantages and tricks for successful contract negotiation.
  • Understanding of critical contract terms and issues, for non-lawyers.
  • Ability to maximize your company’s profit and minimize its risk.

At the end of Leslie’s seminars you will be able to read and understand your company’s contracts and your customers’ contracts, understand the finer points of contract negotiations, and close your deals faster.  This benefits your company’s bottom line, improves negotiating power, and helps minimize risk.  You’ll also be able to put the information in the seminar to use immediately in each and every agreement you draft, negotiate, or close.

If you would like to take your company’s contracting to the next level, contact Leslie S. Marell at (310) 372-8663, or visit her online, to find out how you can schedule an in-house seminar at your company.