Our Philosophy

Our premise is simple: We provide quality, practical legal services at affordable rates.

Marell Law Firm provides legal services equal to the best of senior in-house attorneys without imposing a fixed cost burden on our clients. We believe the judicious use of an effective, business savvy attorney early on in the transaction can minimize future risks and costs to the business. In keeping with our philosophy, we try to minimize the uncertainty of billing practice used in large corporate law firms.

To this end, we provide our clients with strategic legal advice and contracts tailored to their specific business objectives, and often for a fixed fee per agreement/ per task. We also offer lump sum fee retainers that cover a pre-determined number of phone calls and review of documents.

We provide our clients with top-quality, strategic legal advice in a responsive manner and at reasonable rates. Call us to see how we can do the same for you and/or your company.