Over 25 years experience

Marell Law Firm brings to their clients over 25 years of legal experience in the technology, computer products, and electronics, manufacturing, medical / health care, and services industries. This includes working with hundreds of manufacturers and OEMs, contract manufacturers, distributors, dealers and independent sales agents as well as purchasing, sales, IT and marketing organizations and companies who range in size from Fortune 100 companies to sole proprietorships as well as trade associations such as Southern California Electronic Representatives Association (ERA) and the Manufacturers’ Agents National Association (MANA).

The firm has extensive legal experience counseling companies in the areas of Business Contracts, Business Formation and Maintenance, Purchasing and Sales law, Computer and Technology law, Intellectual Property law, Employment law, Real Estate law and day to day legal matters.

Companies such as AMD, FMC, Glaxo, Knowles Electronics and U.S. Borax have retained our firm to review and improve their company’s contracts. The firm also associates with a network of business and litigation attorneys with proven track records who share similar philosophies in providing cost effective, quality legal services.

We strive to work with our clients in an innovative manner
to arrive at the best possible strategies to maximize results and minimize risk.

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