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“Notwithstanding” = Exceptions to What I Just Said (Can’t we just say what we mean?)

If you have read a contract that is filled with fanciful legal jargon, you were probably left wondering what it all meant. One of the favorite terms used by many attorneys when drafting contracts is “notwithstanding.” This one word can create significant confusion because it is used to create exceptions to the rules set forth in the contract.

Typically, the contract contains a provision that sets forth the requirements to be met in order to comply with the agreement. In the next section of the contract, the word “notwithstanding” is used to say “despite what was just detailed above, these are the exceptions to the rules.”

Below are a few of the cons related to using “notwithstanding” in your agreements:

  • Confusion. Many people do not realize that the provisions following the word “notwithstanding” are actually exceptions. It can be confusing and create misunderstandings that result in breaches of contract and disputes between the parties.
  • Subordination of the rules. By using “notwithstanding” and outlining exceptions to the rules, it subordinates the rules. In other words, because the exceptions trump the rules, it tends to place more importance on the exceptions.
  • The foregoing. “Notwithstanding” is often paired with “the foregoing” two state “notwithstanding the foregoing…..” which means despite “x” and “y,” “z” can still occur. This can create significant confusion because these items can overlap and it is not clear how far-reaching or how far back the “foregoing” reaches. The result is that it can impact unintended provisions in the contract.

While the concept behind using “notwithstanding” may be valid, there are simpler and clearer ways of saying it. It is important to avoid ambiguity in your contracts in order to prevent disputes and litigation.

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